Reaching The Next Level

You’re a singer. You just finished your best song yet and are ready to move over to working with a producer, to turn your idea into a finished product for Spotify, iTunes and so on. 

But.. no one understands your song the way you understand it. After the production it lacks soul; it sounds good, sure, but something, something is missing. 

You tell the producer about it, but he just shakes his head; 


“What exactly do you want me to change?” 


You don’t know yourself. But it sucks. I’ve been there.. on both sides of this equation. 


I’m a songwriter too, but first and foremost also a music producer, and I teach singers to escape that dilemma. No one knows what your song should sound like better than yourself. The only way to perfectly capture your ideas is to learn how to do it yourself.


As your tutor, I can explain everything from mixing & mastering concepts, synthesizers over to effects and composition to you from the perspective of a songwriter, but with the experience of a music producer with 8+ years of built up production skills in all types of genres. Want to listen for yourself? Head over to my portfolio.


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